mohanlal Kamaladalam

Mohanlal, the super mega star of Malayalam movie, in his golden movie Kamaladalam

mohanlal picture

Mohanlal in the movie Mampazhakkalam

mohan lal

Each and every movie of Mohanlal we gets new character resembles a person which we already met in our life. The power full performance of Mohan lal made in his roles in his films creates strong social feeling to the whole audience.


mega star mohanlal

The great actor as Photograppher

super star

His role as Ashokan in the super hit movie Yodhoa. The film for which Oscar winner A.R Rahman composed songs first time.


photo from the film Chotta Mumbai, movies which give the pack of comedy and the same time city slum life of Ernakulam or Cochin city.

Mohan lal

Malayalee's one and only lalettan in a role of movie Flash


Lal with the make up of a family man

 mohan lal

The role of Mangalassery Karthikeyan of movie Ravana Prabhu



Movie in which the character completed by Lal of a drunk

mohan lal photo


 photo lal

photo mohanlal


Mohanlal as an IPS officer - film Baba Kalyani

Mohanlal and his son crossing in scene of Sagar Elias Jacky

Mohanlal as Jacky

lal in stylish look

Lal in a serious role

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